What Are the Benefits of Installing Elevators in Homes?

Once considered as a luxury, home elevators are now becoming a common feature of elegant homes across the world. Installing elevators in homes ensures an assortment of benefits. The most significant advantage of a residential elevator system with high-end features and advanced technology is that it helps people with mobility challenges lead a normal life by allowing them safe and easy freedom of movement in their homes.

Installing Elevators in Homes – Core Benefits

Home elevators built and installed to prescribed codes and standards ensures smooth and easy floor-to-floor access. Having an elevator in your residence ensures that individuals with physical challenges can lead an independent and active life style. The main benefits of installing elevators in residences are:

Reduces the odds of slips and falls on stairways: Individuals with mobility issues face the risk of slips and falls when they use stairways. Residential elevators can eliminate such possibilities and provide them the confidence to move around their homes easily.

Facilitates transport of heavy items between floors: Besides offering smooth and comfortable access in a home, residential elevators are very useful when it comes to moving furniture, luggage, laundry, groceries and other heavy objects through the floors. Elevators in pakistan

Enhances the value of a property: The installation of a residential elevator greatly enhances the market value of a property by improving its accessibility, functionality and style. Most home elevators come with several safety features and customization options to match home decor.

Stylish Models with High-end Safety Features

Residential elevators from leading manufacturers such as Savaria, ThyssenKrupp Access and Federal Elevator are fully featured to ensure a safe and comfortable ride through the floors of a home. Based on your requirements, budget and space limitations, you can select from elegant models such as Telecab, Infinity, Eclipse, LEV II, Destiny Gearless, Destiny Hydraulic, Destiny Winding Drum, Panorama, Renaissance and more. To ensure safe and smooth floor-to-floor travel, these different elevator systems are incorporated with user-friendly controls and advanced safety options including:

• Non-skid platform
• Motorized braking
• Lockable control panel
• Door interlocks
• Slack chain brake system
• Hand-crank manual lowering
• Emergency alarm and light
• Emergency stop switch
• In-use indicator lights on hall station, and lots more

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